#Udemy Q&A with Udemy Instructors Dennis Smith and Matt Bernstein!

Udemy Instructor, Author, ClickFunnels and ConvertKit Specialist

#Udemy Q&A with Udemy Instructors Dennis Smith and Matt Bernstein!

This is a replay of the live broadcast with Dennis J. Smith, Jeremy Deighan, Barb Tomlin, Matt Bernstein, and Steve Hughes


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  1. yes u can put a url in

  2. the url is clickable when they view your blab profile

  3. Lee Johnson says:

    I have a URL in my profile

  4. Lee Johnson says:

    You’re frozen but I can hear you Matt

  5. I dont know if it’s in his profile but I am saying it would be what u could do

  6. Jason Cannon says:

    I just put a Url on mine just now…. Neato

  7. Scott Duffy says:

    or this wordpress domain with all your courses idea we were talking earlier

  8. Barb Tomlin says:

    Of course, guys! It’s all about the email list – if you can get folks to read your email. LOL

  9. I can barely get anyone to buy a course for a $1 in here lol

  10. I use blab to add value to current students lives

  11. Scott Duffy says:

    dennis is one of the most consistent at promotion

  12. @scottjduffy I’m consistently below average at promotion 😉

  13. Scott Duffy says:

    I am awful, a 1/10

  14. Jason Cannon says:

    I could up sell/cross sell students…

  15. Jason Cannon says:

    promotions started to work for me when I had a beginner then intermediate and advanced course on a given topic.

  16. @saywhatnowjason same! it works best when you make your courses compatible with each other

  17. Jason Cannon says:

    yeah. it took me awhile to get the right courses in place 🙂

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  19. Scott Duffy says:

    yes, most consistent award

  20. if anyone wants 1 course for free, lemme know https://www.udemy.com/u/mattbernstein/

  21. thanks matt and dennis

  22. @jeremydeighan cheers

  23. Lee Johnson says:

    q/ what’s the average length of your best selling courses?

  24. Scott Duffy says:

    i have 6000 students – can’t follow each one , but accept linkedin add requests

  25. Jason Cannon says:

    hum.. did the. top paid courses link disappear from Udemy?

  26. @saywhatnowjason what do you mean?

  27. Scott Duffy says:

    i’ve watched over 200…

  28. Jason Cannon says:

    there used to be Udemy.com/courses/top-paid and listed the best selling courses…

  29. @saywhatnowjason i think when you go to the category and subcategory, that is the top courses now

  30. @TheLambiepoo Hi Kristi!

  31. @mbernstein924 Hi Matt 🙂

  32. Scott Duffy says:

    @saywhatnowjason yeah its gone now

  33. Scott Duffy says:

    #51 on your list of courses to take

  34. @LiveStreamLee I would say 2-3 hours for my course.

  35. @LiveStreamLee 3-5 hours

  36. Jason Cannon says:

    stop consuming and start producing ?

  37. Scott Duffy says:

    The rule has a reason

  38. Scott Duffy says:

    *cough* Berry Janfield *cough*

  39. @saywhatnowjason True. 🙂

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