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5 Must Have Social Media Plugins for WordPress Blogs

With the explosion of Social Media many bloggers are discovering the power of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz and LinkedIn to name a few.  With WordPress plugins you or your readers can share your blog postings with others just with a click of the mouse.  Here are 5 plugins for Social Media that I…
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Expose your WordPress blog postings with a little Facebook “Like”

Now you can get some “Like” on Facebook for your WordPress blog post with a simple plugin.  You don’t have to know anything about programming code like HTML.  While in your WordPress Dashboard go to Plugins on the left-hand menu.  Click the “Add New” button and type in “Facebook Like Button Plugin for WordPress” (current…
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Promote Your Digital Product and Fatten Your Wallet With ClickBank

Looking for a way to promote your product or promote the product of others?  Want to make money while you’re at it?  With ClickBank you can promote your own products or promote the products of others and make money.  ClickBank is based in Boise, Idaho and started back in 1998.  There are thousands of digital…
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10 must have WordPress Plugins

Being the most popular blogging platform in the world has its advantages.  There are millions of individuals and businesses that are using a WordPress blog.  Those blogs are the stepping stones to promoting a business or a cause.  Plugins make those blogs even more powerful and there are over 10,000 to choose from.  The best…
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Have your blog speak to your readers with Odiogo

If you are looking for a new way to promote your business or cause you might consider a WordPress blog.  It is a great way to get high search engine results when tied to your organizations website.  Many of the plug-ins offered for WordPress are designed to share your blog with with others on Facebook,…
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